Lesson 44: Bootcamp recap

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Hello, world

In [1]:
print('hello, world')
hello, world

Command line mastery

"Ugh. I'm just going to do it on the command line." --Anders


You now have a very efficient assistant.

Version control

You can now sleep easy

...and the bootcamp now has code on the internet for all!

Data types

  • ints
  • floats
  • strings
  • bools
  • lists
  • tuples
  • dictionaries
  • sets
  • functions, file handles, NumPy arrays, DataFrames, Matplotlib axs, ...

NumPy arrays

  • Slicing and dicing
  • Random number generation (probability is the mathematical language of biology)
  • Regressions
  • Anything you want to do with groups of numbers


You will no longer have mouse fatigue with BLAST!


  • Your data are now tidy!
  • And organized.
  • And accessible.

Your data

has a new master. Whether images, time series, counts, you name it.

This is the beginning!

I look forward to seeing what you will do!